Municipal Tree Services in Wayne NJ

Municipal Tree Service

We understand the needs of our municipal clients and provide solutions to protect their green investments while ensuring the safety and quality of life for a community’s citizens.

Our municipal tree services include the removal of dead or dangerous trees along public thoroughfares, keeping municipal utility lines clear and providing proper tree and shrub care to increase survival rates.

Our ISA Certified Arborists have the knowledge and skill to help you with insect and disease control, construction planning, and managing environmental stresses.

Trees absorb CO2 and pollutant gases and release oxygen into the air.  They provide a cooling effect in urban spaces and reduce energy consumption by shading building structures.

Trees help prevent water pollution and soil erosion.  Studies have shown that trees have a natural calming effect on people and increase both curb appeal and property values. We are passionate about saving and protecting our valuable green spaces for future generations. 

Municipal Tree Services

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