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About Trees Unlimited

Every day, trees enhance our surroundings in a variety of ways: physical, aesthetic, economic, and psychological. They play a critical role in air purification, noise reduction, erosion control, landscape aesthetics, property value.

Naturally, trees can out-live us by hundreds of years. At Trees Unlimited, we believe that as humans, it is our inherent responsibility to care for and protect the beautiful trees we have. Our goal is to leave these trees as a legacy for our future generations so they can benefit from them as we do daily.

Since 2005, Trees Unlimited is the leader in tree services in Northern New Jersey. Our professional arborists have the expertise and experience to provide safe and efficient tree services, with a keen eye on fair pricing. We always ensure your property and tree life are treated with the utmost care and left clean and free of debris when the job is complete.

About Justin Shaw

When Justin Shaw launched Trees Unlimited, LLC, in 2005, Wall Street’s loss became the environment’s gain. In starting a tree service business, Shaw left the world of high finance to move closer to his true calling, …

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