Tree Protection During Construction

Tree Protection During Construction

We can help decide which trees are suitable for saving and can work with the builder to protect trees throughout each phase of construction. The most important step to ensuring your trees legacy and value is to be sure that the professional arborist gets involved early-during the planning stage.

Construction damage is one of the most common causes of tree death and decline in urban and suburban forests. As landscapes and homes are expanded and developed, the proper protocol must be taken to ensure their survival, or many of your trees will be lost. Usually, unless the damage is extreme, the trees may not die immediately, but could decline over time. The most serious damage to trees caused by construction is underground.

Protecting Our Trees

Broken Branches

Pruning cuts by untrained construction workers may form wounds that never close on a weakened tree.

Trunk Damage

Trucks and heavy equipment damages and wounds tree trunks exposing the vulnerable vascular tissues of a tree leaving an invitation for pathogens.

Cutting of Roots

Digging and trenching for construction often severs a large portion of the roots which are imperative to a tree’s life.

Soil Compaction

Can be devastating to trees. When soil is compacted, pore space between soil particles is reduced, so less oxygen is available, causing an accumulation of carbon dioxide and other gases, which lead to the death of the roots.

Smothering Roots

Up to 90% of the fine roots of a tree that absorb water and minerals are located in the upper few inches of soil. Roots require space, air and water. It only takes a few inches of added soil to kill any tree, especially valuable mature trees.

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