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Tree Stumps

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

Trees Unlimited provides stump removal of any size stump, anywhere on your property. Our stump grinding machines remove the stump below the soil line leaving the area properly prepared for top soil and seed.

Your property will be left clean and without damage from our equipment. The stump grindings can be left behind for mulch distribution or can be hauled away as you wish.

Trained Professionals

Trees Unlimited provides professional stump removal and grinding with professional equipment and a genuine respect for your property.
Stump Grinding in Action

Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump

  • Becomes a breeding ground for termites, ants, bees and rodents
  • Lawn maintenance is more difficult and time consuming
  • Stumps are unsightly and serve no purpose
  • Removing them will improve property value
  • Stump removal is necessary to install a fence
  • Prepare a property for landscaping or construction
  • May be obstructing proper drainage

With Trees Unlimited you can expect experienced, efficient and outstanding service, respect for your property, and reasonable rates.

The video below shows our stump grinding machine in action.

Tree Stump Removal
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Removing a Tree Stump
Stump Grindings

Safety Considerations

Aside from being unattractive. Tree stumps can create a trip and fall injuries and lawsuits. Mowing your lawn will be much safer and easier. And  you will avoid the possibility of severely damaging your lawn mower.

Stumps can harbor diseases that could spread to surround landscaping.  Some stumps continue to develop shoos and grow stealing nutrients from surrounding landscaping as well.

Remove your tree stumps to make your yard more attractive, safer, and make you yard more usable.

Tree Stump

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