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Hands in Heart Shape Around Tree - We Love Trees

10 Reasons Why We Love Trees

Trees are an asset to any property. While they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, there are literally hundreds of other reasons they are beneficial to our way of life.

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Pink Flowering Dogwood Tree

Top 8 Native Trees to Plant in New Jersey

If you would like to upgrade the aesthetics of your landscape and increase the value of your property this spring, consider planting native New Jersey trees. The astounding variety of tree species, with their own unique size, foliage, and colors can become an amazing focal point and a source of privacy from unwanted sounds or views.

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tree lines along a dirt road

Installing a Tree Line or Grove of Trees

Tree lines and groves come in a variety of styles and layouts that you can customize to have a natural or a formal feel. Installing a tree line or grove of trees requires safety, planning and maintenance. Here are a few best practices for creating a breathtaking tree line or grove in your landscape.

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Row of Arborvitae for privacy

Top 5 Arborvitaes to Add to Your New Jersey Landscape

When choosing an arborvitae or thuja variety, it is important to know the purpose or reasoning for the addition to your landscape. Will it be used as a privacy fence? Are you looking to add some color and shape to your design? Do you enjoy trimming your plants every season or are you looking for low maintenance?

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Christmas tree lit and decorated among group of snow covered trees

How to Choose a Christmas Tree for Your Holiday Season

Good food, family and friends are all telltale signs of the coming holiday season. But one of the most iconic parts to officially welcome Christmas into the season is the tree. There are so many different tree types with different shapes, branches, and colors of green, how can you possibly choose?

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What Causes a Tree to Fall?

So, you’ve been hearing a lot about the weather lately, particularly the bad weather. News about hurricanes and high winds has you looking around your property and wondering “how many of these trees would stand the test if something like that happened here?” It’s a good question too!

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