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How to Prevent Soil Erosion Using Trees

Soil erosion is the natural displacement of the top layer of soil, usually caused by water, air, or in the case of farming, tilling the land. This can create a multitude of problems for future vegetation and even lead to further, more advanced, soil erosion. However, there are various ways to help prevent and remedy soil erosion.

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Warning Signs and Prevention of Tree Termite Infestation

Termites are one of the most talked-about and studied insects on the planet. We build homes with wood, so it stands to reason that we should want to know everything possible about this bug that you know… eats wood. We know these insects can cause damage to our homes. But there isn’t as much said about tree termite infestation.

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Historical Tree in NJ

Historical Trees of New Jersey: Tracing Old Roots

New Jersey, is known to its residents as the garden state. Out-of-staters may associate scenes of the parkway with our state. But, us New Jerseyans know of the lush gardens, rolling hills, and beautiful trees our state has to offer. Along with the states natural beauty, New Jersey has a deep history as one of the first American colonies.

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