Deciduous Trees are Great All Year Round

Deciduous Trees with Sun Shining Through

Deciduous trees are amazing. In the summer, they provide valuable shade for your patios, decks, and home. In the winter, trees can block cold winds creating a thermal barrier. Regardless of the season, they can save you money on your energy bills while enabling you to enjoy the outdoors. For the best coverage year-round, deciduous trees can be your property’s new best friend.

Here is a look at some deciduous trees that are great all year round and the list of attributes that make them so popular.

What Makes Deciduous Trees Valuable?

Tree Canopy of a Deciduous Tree

Deciduous trees grow all over the world. What makes deciduous trees, well…deciduous, is that they lose their leaves at the end of the growing season.

Why is this valuable? These trees tend to have broad leaves that are great for creating shade in the summer, however, in the winter, we want more sunlight. The tree trunks can still form a barrier for wind but the more popular areas of your backyard like the deck can bask in the warmth of the sun because of the trees’ missing leaves. The trees create a thermal balance.

In the spring, these trees often form lovely flowers. In their fullest forms, they are great for catching rainfall because their large leaves act as little umbrellas and their roots absorb lots of the water while holding on tightly to the soil, preventing erosion. They will help absorb excess rainwater, particularly in wet climates. Deciduous trees are also famous for forming beautiful colorful displays in the autumn and spring seasons.

Examples of Deciduous Trees

Maple Trees with Autumn Color

Maple Trees

Maple trees, like the Japanese Maple and Autumn Blaze Maple, are known for their striking red-colored leaves in the autumn. These trees are pollution tolerant, so they are great for busy neighborhoods.

Oak Tree Branch Leaves and AcornsOak Trees

Oak trees, like the Pin Oak and Red Oak, are fashionable because of their thick foliage and long-life expectancy. They also produce nuts which makes them enjoyable for bird and squirrel lovers.

Big Elm TreeElm Trees

Elm trees, especially elm tree hybrids, are once again becoming desirable because of their attractive displays and condensed leaves. Elm trees are also very low maintenance and typically grow 3-6 feet per year.


Weeping Willow TreesWeeping Willow

Finally, one of America’s favorite deciduous trees has been the Weeping Willow. This giant tree with graceful, wispy leaves is instantly recognizable. They grow relatively fast and though they prefer moist soil, they can grow almost anywhere.

Whether you are wanting shade in the summer, sunlight in the winter or beautiful displays in the spring and autumn seasons, deciduous trees are a wonderful addition to anyone’s yard.

For more information about deciduous trees in your landscape, contact us at Trees Unlimited where we have a passion for tree care.


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