10 Reasons Why We Love Trees

Hands in Heart Shape Around Tree - We Love Trees

Trees are an asset to any property. While they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, there are literally hundreds of other reasons they are beneficial to our way of life. At Trees Unlimited, our passion for tree care continues to grow because every day we see the positives of fostering proper tree growth and care. Here are our top 10 reasons why we love trees!

1. Trees Give Us Clean Air to Breathe. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. In fact, an acre of trees provides enough oxygen a year for 18 people to breathe.

Trees also absorb some of the bad pollutants out of the air, and their bark and leaves trap particulate matter, leaving us with better, cleaner air.

2. Trees Provide Us with Food. Fruit trees grow all over the world! Next time you pick up a bag of oranges in the grocery store, remember the tree those oranges grew on.

Not only do they provide delicious fruit and nuts for people to eat, trees also become food for wildlife.

Oranges Growing on Tree

3. Trees Are Beautiful. Think of the stately oak down the street, the majestic giant sequoia, the unforgettable baobab, and thick, green forests of pines. We love trees because they’re beautiful.

Picture the flaming red maple in autumn. Imagine cherry trees in blossom during the spring. This world is a much more beautiful place because of trees.

Beautiful Cherry Trees in Bloom

4. Trees Add Value to Property. Not only do they provide aesthetic value to property (because of their beauty), they also increase the value of a property for many reasons.

Properly positioned trees offer shade, windbreak, and drainage benefits, thereby saving energy. Properties with healthy mature trees sell faster and at higher prices.

Beautiful Tree in Front Yard

5. Trees Provide Comfort. There are wonderful psychological benefits to being around trees. Don’t you feel more relaxed after a walk in the park?  We love trees.

Also, consider your happy childhood memories. How many of them involve a tree you climbed, made a treehouse in, used as a meeting spot, or sat under for some shade?

Tree with Treehouse and Tire Swing

6. Trees Prevent Erosion. Those large roots keep the soil in place. Without trees to hold our dirt, we’d be living in a wasteland!

7. Trees Give Us Wood. Go ahead and count all the things in your home made of wood. Paper, furniture, window trim, flooring, and more! We depend on wood for to fulfill our basic needs and so many luxury items.

Stacked Wood Planks

8. Trees Provide Homes to Wildlife. Many animals, both large and small, live in trees and depend on them for their entire existence. Even in urban areas, trees provide homes to birds, insects, and other small creatures.

9. Trees Are Old and Give a Sense of Permanence. In any landscape, an old tree adds character. When you start thinking of all the years a mature tree has seen, and all the buildings and people it has outlived, you feel a new respect. It has, after all, been around longer than you.

Big Stately Old Tree

10. Trees Increase the Quality of Our Life. They work for us on so many levels! They help keep us healthy, improve our natural world, shield us from harsh elements such as wind and sun, lighten our moods, provide fuel and building material, and add economic value to our living spaces.

The World - We Love Trees

Trees have a special place in our hearts because of all the added benefits they provide to the world around them.

With proper care, trees will give your property beauty, energy efficiency, and erosion control all while increasing your bottom line. For more information about how to sustain the assets you have on your landscape, contact us today!


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