Trees – Added Color to Our Lives

pretty colorful trees

Trees are a beautiful part of nature, and a colorful part of nature as well. Whether you’re searching for trees to create privacy on your property, accentuate an entertainment space, bring variation to your garden, or any other space, there is a large variety of trees you can utilize, all with beautiful colors. Below is an assortment of trees, categorized by color, that will bring new life to your landscape.




While some tree’s leaves only turn red in autumn before falling, these trees keep their vibrant color for at least three seasons each year. Allow their color to be a focal point in your yard and gain curb appeal for your home with these colorful crimson selections.

Japanese stripped bark maple tree
Japanese Stripped-bark Maple



Crimson King Maple tree
Crimson King Maple



Tricolor Beech Tree
Tricolor Beech Tree




During fall many tree’s leaves go from green to orange or yellow which creates the beautiful look of a sea of sunshine across landscapes in New Jersey. Planting trees whose leaves stay orange and yellow throughout the seasons is a great way to add variety to areas that are comprised mainly of shades of green. The following tree options will give your landscape a bright and illuminated feel.


Smoke Tree
Smoke Tree



Japanese Persimmon tree
Japanese Persimmon




Japanese Stewartia Tree





Dark foliage is most stunning in landscapes with lots of sun. Trees with deeper hues like purple allow other brightly colored trees and plants to stand out against their dark backdrop. Gardens with dark colored ornamental trees and contrasting pastel flowers are typically perceived as sophisticated while flowers with colors of extreme saturation tend to create a striking look.


Burgundy Lace Japanese Maple Tree
Burgundy Lace Japanese Maple



Purple Leaf Acacia tree
Purple Leaf Acacia



Japanese Cedar Tree
Japanese Cedar




Typically, trees do not have pink leaves but rather pink blossoms that bloom at specific times of the year. Many trees with pink flowers bloom in the spring and early summer and then transform into lush, leafy, brightly colored green trees. When planting trees with pink blossoms it is important to remember how each season will change the look of this tree and ultimately the look of your landscape.



Kobushi Magnolia Tree
Kobushi Magnolia



kwanzan cherry tree pink
Cherry “Kwanzan”



red crabapple tree




White against any color pops out to the human eye, and is beautiful. It can also be seen clearly at night and therefore creates a dramatic focal point in any yard.  Much like trees with pink blossoms, trees that contain white usually have flower blossoms as well.


venus white dogwood tree
“Venus” Dogwood



white cherry blossom tree
Cherry “Yoshino”



crabapple white tree
Crabapple “Spring Snow”



These are just some examples of colorful trees, so don’t be afraid to go out and search for more. We all need color in our lives, and these trees will provide the dramatic, sophisticated and diverse look you desire.


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