Top Flowering Trees for Your Landscape

Flowering Trees in Park

Flowering trees are excellent plants to have on your landscape because they add color, shade and beauty. Many flowering trees are considered ornamental because of their ability to attract the eye and create a focal point that changes with the seasons. Some flowering trees offer brighter colors while others are appealing because of their strong fragrance. Whether you are more interested in color, smell or height, the list below provides the best flowering trees for your landscape.


Cherry Blossom Tree

Autumn Cherry Tree

This tree has the benefit of having a double bloom; one in the spring and another in the fall. The glossy bark of this tree and the bright fragrant flowers make it a beautiful ornamental for any space.

The Autumn Cherry Tree will hold up in cold weather and is relatively resistant to drought. This tree is a great choice, due to its beauty and the fact that it can grow almost anywhere.



Japanese Crab Apple


Japanese Flowering Crab Apple Tree

This tree has been found to be extinct in the wild, but is often planted in gardens and yards for its beautiful spring blossoms and full canopy of leaves throughout the summer.

In the fall, yellow fruits appear on the tree and stay into the winter months attracting birds and other wildlife.

Japanese Flowering Crab Apple trees are disease resistant and usually grow to an average height of twenty feet.



Purple Leaf Plum Tree


Purple Plum Tree

Pink and white flowers appear on this tree in the spring and purple foliage blossoms in the summer months.

The Purple Plum tree needs full sun, or at the very minimum six hours of full sunlight.  This particular tree likes soil that is on the acidic side but it is moderately tolerant to drought. Purple Plum Trees will grow to about 25 feet tall and produce edible fruit in the late summer!


Magnolia Tree

Sweetbay Magnolia

The flowers come out a little later in spring than other flowering trees. During summer it produces small fragrant flowers making it wonderful to place near a patio.

The Sweetbay Magnolia tree flowers best when it receives at least four hours of direct sunlight. It attracts song birds with its small red fall fruit and has appealing foliage with leaves that are dark green on top and silvery on the underside. A mature tree will stand 10 – 20 feet tall.


Winter King Hawthorn Tree

Winter King Hawthorn

This tree adds year-round interest and appeal because it has a marked change during each of the four seasons.

During spring white vase-like flowers bloom. In summer the tree is rich in foliage. In fall it produces red berries. During the winter its bark exfoliates making it unique.

This tree grows to a height of about 25 to 35 feet and is one of the amazing varieties that will grow in compacted soil.


Lilac Tree in Bloom


Lilac Tree

There are a few different species of Lilac Trees to choose from but all have a beautiful fragrance and look.

Unlike the Lilac shrubs which get full and round, the Lilac Tree grows vertically, typically reaching a height between 15 and 25 feet.

Lilac Trees will grow well is sun or partial shade and will attract butterflies and humming birds to your yard.




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