The Dangers of DIY Tree and Stump Removal

Chain Saw Being Used on Tree Stump

As a homeowner, you might have considered removing a tree or tree stump on your property yourself. It would save you some money and it couldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong. DIY tree and tree stump removal can be a dangerous and costly task. By hiring a professional to remove the tree stump you will likely save yourself time, major headaches, and the possibility of injury.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?Tree Stump

  • Roots can become problematic
  • The stump becomes an eyesore
  • Takes up valuable space
  • It’s hazardous
  • An old tree stump becomes home to critters and insects

Underground Hazards Beneath A Tree

A tree stump is more than just the stump you see above ground. Trees have intricate root systems that run underground and can extend further than you think, even for small trees.

While the root system is one underground hazard for stump removal, other obstacles to consider are underground utilities such as water pipes, gas lines, electric, and cables. Hitting a water pipe during stump removal can flood your yard in a matter of minutes and gas lines are serious fire hazards.

Dangers of Tree Removal

Dangers of tree removalAside from the dangers of trying to remove a tree stump without the proper equipment, you can also encounter problems and dangers while trying to remove the actual tree. It is possible that some of the branches on the tree have decayed while they still look seemingly healthy on the outside. Not recognizing this can result in the branch collapsing underneath you or the branches falling in a direction you did not intend.

If the tree has begun to decay, it is already unstable which makes it hard to control or predict which way it will fall. If you don’t make the right choices the tree can fall on to your home or vehicle and cause a ton of damage.

Leave Stump Removal to the Experts

Treesw UnLimited Work TruckRemoving a tree stump often requires specialized equipment and training. Without the proper tools and knowledge, tree stump removal becomes a much more time consuming and dangerous project. You may have seen people tie a cable or rope to a tree stump and then to their vehicle to leverage the stump out of the ground, but this is a dangerous and ineffective way to remove the stump.

Attempting your own tree or tree stump removal can pose a risk to you, your family, and your property. The top reasons to hire an expert are:

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Equipment
  • Safety
  • Cleanup

Tree and stump removal can be time consuming and hazardous. Saving a few dollars rather than using a professional to complete the job correctly isn’t worth the risk. Your best bet is to call in a professional company that will save you time and possible costly damage. Contact Trees Unlimited today for help with your tree and tree stump removal needs.


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