Why Hire a NJ Board of Tree Experts Registered Business?

Removing Upper Branches for Tree Removal

The State of New Jersey now requires that all businesses performing tree care must be approved and registered by the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts.  To protect consumers, HOAs, and businesses from unqualified tree service companies performing work in New Jersey, the state has passed legislation.  This ensures the tree service you hire will have the essential credentials as required by law.

Tree Experts and Tree Care Operators Requirements:

  • Registration and Licensing by the State of New Jersey Board of Tree Experts
  • Provide and Maintain Appropriate Business Insurance
  • Provide Specified Training to Employees
  • Successful Completion of Examinations
  • Continued Education Requirements for Tree Service
  • Abide by Standards of Professional Conduct and Ethics
  • Adhere to Safety Standards as well as Industry Practice Standards

Registered tree care companies are also required to display their NJTC registration number on service vehicles used to perform tree care services and in their place of business.

Licensed Tree Care Experts Can Offer the Following Services:

  • Tree Pruning and Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Brush Cutting or Removal
  • Stump Grinding or Removal
  • Cabling and Bracing/Support Systems
  • Utility Line Clearance or Vegetation Management
  • Tree Lightning Protection
  • Tree Service Planning and Consulting Services
  • Tree Planting and Establishment
  • Tree Fertilization
  • Treatment of Tree Diseases
  • Tree Assessment and Risk Management
  • Tree Management During Site Planning and Development
  • State-Approved Community Forestry Management Plan
  • Consulting

Urging Consumers to Check Tree Service Credentials

The NJ Board of Tree Experts has urged consumers to thoroughly check the credentials and insurance of anyone they intend to hire to do tree work on their property. It’s mandatory to hire a tree care business that is registered with the state of NJ and has employed a Licensed Tree Care Operator if you intend to have them perform any of the services listed above.

It’s important to make sure that the tree service you hire is qualified, licensed, and registered with the State of NJ, and fully insured in case an accident happens. The Board also warns that poorly performed tree services “…predispose your trees to many future problems, including tree failure”.  The State Board of Tree Experts has also cited that homeowner insurance policies “…will not cover injuries or damage done by an under-insured tree care contractor, which may leave the financial burden on the homeowner.”

Any work on your trees should be done by skilled, trained and insured professionals, for the health of your trees and for safety and financial protection.  So be advised, only a Tree Expert or Tree Care Operator with an Active certification or license should be retained to provide services.

Trees Unlimited is Licensed and Registered with the NJ Board of Tree Experts and we have a passion for tree care.

Business Registration #NJTC768870

NJ LIC # 13VH053339900

ISA Certified Arborist License # NJ-1129A


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