The Best Flowering Shrubs for Your Springtime Garden

purple lilacs white pick fence

Springtime in New Jersey is a lush and brightly colored season. Perennials are starting to bloom, annuals are almost ready to be planted, and it’s time to start thinking about the best flowering shrubs to add to your landscape.

New Jersey’s average spring temperature of 50 degrees means it’s the perfect place to plant the kind of gorgeous, colorful, flowering shrubs that enjoy warm days and cooler nights. Some of the best flowering shrubs to plant this time of year include:

white abelia flower

Glossy Abelia

This deciduous shrub can reach a height of 4 feet; its glossy dark green leaves and clusters of white and pink blossoms are a beautiful accent to any landscape.


wintergreen barberry

Wintergreen Barberry

Native to China, this evergreen shrub does very well in the NJ climate; growing up to 9 feet, its dense foliage is perfect for hedging. Blooms are yellow and red with dark purple berries.


purple butterfly bush

Butterfly Bush

One of the most colorful flowering shrubs, the butterfly bush produces purple, red, blue, pink, white, and even multicolored blooms. They can grow quite tall, up to 6 feet, and they attract not just butterflies but hummingbirds as well.


flowering quince pink flower

African Flowering Quince

This shrub belongs to the rose family and offers up spiny leaves and bright pink to fire-red flowers as well as edible fruit.


French Mulberry

This elegant ornamental shrub produces large clusters of purple berries, and attracts bees and birds.



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No matter what flowering shrubs you choose for your landscaping, we are here to help. And if you aren’t sure where to start, please contact us to discuss all your tree and shrubbery gardening options.


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