Warning Signs and Prevention of Tree Termite Infestation

Termites are one of the most talked-about and studied insects on the planet.  We build homes with wood, so it stands to reason that we should want to know everything possible about this bug that you know… eats wood. We know these insects can cause damage to our homes. But there isn’t as much said about tree termite infestation.

Most termite species don’t bother with healthy trees because they feed on dead wood. So, unless you have a dying tree on your property, chances are low for a termite infestation. But it’s still important to know the warning signs of termites and how to prevent them from damaging your property.

How Does Termite Infestation Impact Trees?

If a termite colony begins to infest your trees, it’s growing larger and more localized. It stands to reason that you don’t really want them that close to your home gathering strength. Beyond this, trees affected by termite infestation can become weak. Weak trees often lead to property damage and destruction.

Warning Signs of Termite Infestation

Wood shavings and small holes around the base of your tree are warning signs of termite infestation. For a better look at the severity of the problem, dig around your tree’s roots. Look for large winged ants. Termites will be just under the soil, so digging around the roots of the tree should yield termites if you have an infestation.

How to Prevent Termite Infestation

Here are some very simple things you can do to prevent termites from infesting your trees as well as your home:

  • Sufficiently burn any infected wood as soon as you discover that it has been infected.
  • Keep your yard clear of logs, fallen limbs and other deadwood that will attract termites.
  • Don’t leave tree stumps in your yard and avoid keeping stacked firewood next to your house.
  • Don’t let moisture build up on your property.
  • Remove mulch near infected areas.
  • Let there be light! The sun fights termites so make sure your trees can get plenty.

Maintaining the look and health of your trees can be difficult. That’s why our team of tree care specialists are ready to help you. Our knowledge and experience will keep your trees looking their best for years to come. When you need help…contact us.

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