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Tree cabling and bracing techniques can be used to save the life of your trees. There are pros and cons to the various tree cabling or bracing systems that can be used but the best practices are non-invasive and accredited by leading industry specialists as the highest standards in safety and care.

Get a Diagnosis from a Certified Arborist

When a Certified Arborist diagnoses a tree in crisis, there are different methods of rescue. Changing your plant care routine, proper pruning and trimming, and the removal of large dead vegetation from your yard may be all a trees needs to gain back its health. Or, the situation might be more complicated than that and an Arborist may recognize the sign of breakage on a tree’s trunk and/or limbs and recommend trying to extend the life of the tree by utilizing a cabling and bracing technique.

Cabling and Bracing – A Specific Science

Cabling and bracing is a very specific science that can add 10 to 15 years of healthy life to a tree. Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals, such as Trees Unlimited, adhere to national standards set forth by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) to carefully ensure success from start to finish. Cabling can create, in some instances, up to 10,000 pounds of tension between the trunk, branches and cable. Therefore it is not suggested that the job be taken lightly. Once it is established which branches need help, an exceptional tree care specialist will discuss the process of getting your tree back to health and the pros and cons of saving your tree with cabling and bracing versus making the decision to remove it.

Remember !

  • One of the best seasons to repair trees with cabling and bracing is winter because the branches are exposed and open for inspection. Just make sure your arborist leaves slack for the new foliage in the spring.
  • Cables and braces should be set in smaller areas of the tree to allow support as the tree continues to grow.
  • Synthetic rope with chafing sleeves over the rope at the point of contact with the tree can be used on trees and wood that is otherwise too soft for the metal braces and cables.
  • Regular inspection of your tree’s strength can save money, time, property and …….your tree!

The International Society of Arboriculture maintains you should be conscious of your tree’s health. Monitoring and inspecting, on a regular basis, will determine trees that may need some attention BEFORE they get to a critical stage of disrepair. Well care and maintenance of these environmental and property assets will help you to avoid losing a tree altogether!


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