Why Choose an Insured Tree Care Professional?

Tree Care Professional

Ensuring you get the best tree care professionals in your area means picking an established company that’s not only licensed, but carries the right insurance. Some of those “cheaper” companies might not carry the proper liability or worker’s comp insurance; this can be a serious mistake if overlooked when choosing a tree care service.

Car Damaged by Fallen Tree

Imagine if something did go wrong, a large branch that wasn’t properly secured, falls and damages your roof for instance, who’s going to pay for that? Making sure the tree care professionals you’ve chosen are fully covered will minimize any headaches on your end in the event of an accident or injury, and ensure that those expenses are paid for by the tree care providers and not coming out of your pocket.

tree care service

Important Questions to Ask Your Tree Care Professional

  1. How long has the business been in service?
  2. Does the business have up to date insurance?
  3. How long will the project take?
  4. Will they give you a written estimate?
  5. What equipment will they use?
  6. Can they provide a list of references?
  7. What are their credentials?
  8. Is the company vehicle well maintained?
  9. Do the employees appear professional?
  10. Will the crew be using hardhats and other protective equipment while on your property?

Trees Unlimited Truck - Tree Care Professionals

Finally when considering a tree care service, whether for yearly maintenance or simply sprucing up your property, consider Trees Unlimited. We offer our customers a wide range of professional tree care services, while providing the peace of mind that comes with working with a fully insured company.

Justin Shaw - Tree Care Professional


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