Growing Cherry Trees in New Jersey

Cherry trees

New Jersey is known for its beautiful foliage, particularly its many spectacular trees. These beautiful plants will start out small but can grow to be fruitful, majestic giants. With proper care, your tree can survive for hundreds of years. If you’re considering growing cherry trees, they are a great addition to any New Jersey property.

Get to Know Cherry Trees

Cherry trees come in a few different sizes. A dwarf-sized cherry tree on average will grow to 8 feet in height. This makes it the perfect cherry tree for those who prefer a low maintenance plant. A wild cherry tree produces smaller berries but can easily reach heights of 50 feet.

Ornamental cherry trees are known for their beautiful blossoms. They can average from 20 to 40 feet in height. Finally, tart and sweet cherry trees can grow up to 30 feet. Most of the delicious cherries you buy at the supermarket are plucked from these trees. Imagine having a source of those tasty, juicy cherries all to yourself.

Planting Your First Tree

The location and season are crucial to the tree’s lifelong health. For New Jersey’s climate, we recommended you plant your cherry tree in the spring. This is because cherry trees need a lot of sunshine for initial growth. Seeds should be planted in a light soil that is at least three feet deep.

Caring for Your Tree

A cherry tree can only thrive if the owner puts work into its regular maintenance. Cherry trees should be fertilized each year until they bear fruit. After cherries start to grow on the tree, you should only fertilize after seasonal harvests.

Use mulch to help the tree retain moisture. Also, make sure to water any areas that are going dry.

Lastly, it is recommended that you prune cherry trees every winter. This will stimulate the growth of new wood in the spring months without damaging the tree. Trees Unlimited is dedicated to helping New Jersey residents cultivate beautiful trees for their homes. Reach out to us today for more information about which tree is right for you.


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