Another Fall Checklist: Preparing Your Trees for Winter

Trees in the Fall

This blog has been updated on October 31, 2020

It’s that time of year again–time to make those prepping-for-winter checklists that define the life of a homeowner. You can still admire the fall color but set aside the time soon to get your trees ready for the winter. 

When fall comes, your trees are exhausted. They’ve spent the summer fighting off the blistering sun and the pests and diseases that thrive in heat and humidity. If it’s been a dry and hot summer, they are weakened further since they haven’t had enough moisture to keep the roots strong and stable. 

Creating a fall checklist is essential to tree maintenance. You’ve worked hard all year to keep your garden and yard looking pristine; stopping tree care in the fall is the worst mistake you can make.

Why is Fall Tree Care Essential?

Summertime heat weakens trees, creating prime infestation opportunities. Trees need to recover from the heat during the fall season to protect their overall health. Having enough recovery time, nutrients, and plenty of water during fall, means your trees will be better prepared for harsh winter storms and less likely to cause damage to your property.

The Big Three Chores for your Fall Checklist

Prune the deadwood

Summer is rough on trees. The heat inevitably dries out some limbs and branches, making them brittle, weak, and dead. Pruning off those dead limbs before winter not only helps keep the tree healthy but saves your roof from damage during winter storms.

Water and fertilize

Keep watering during the winter–snowmelt doesn’t really provide enough moisture. Check the soil around the trees before it gets too cold, and make sure that it’s not too impacted, or too loose. Also, make sure the acidity levels are consistent with what individual plants need. Use mulch and fertilizer to ensure the soil has the right microbes to repel pests and tree diseases that can destroy your landscape in the spring. 

Tree Pruniing Service Pruning Trees

Check for stability and overall health

The only thing worse than having a dead branch crash onto your roof is to have the entire tree come down. It’s always a good idea to have a tree expert come out to assess your tree’s health. They can check for any weak spots in the tree or the root system and set up a cable and bracing system to help steady the tree while it recovers. 

Trees Unlimited can help you prep your trees for winter. Call today for a free assessment of your residential or commercial property.

Fall Tree Care Checklist Made Easy – Check Off What You’ve Done

  • Inspect: Look for signs of damage, disease, insects, or pests in your trees.
  • Professional Care: Consider hiring a professional to identify any trees that may need to be removed due to disease or damage.
  • Prune: Cut back dead branches and remove limbs that hang over buildings.
  • Water: Your trees need plenty of water to get ready for winter.
  • Mulch: Create mulch rings around your trees to lock-in moisture. Use organic, high-quality mulch especially for younger plants. You’ll help keep the organic matter in the soil where it belongs, and it will also lock-in moisture.


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