How to Cure Leaf Scorch

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Are you noticing that there are some leaves on your tree that appear to be brown and sunburnt? This is a fairly common ailment called leaf scorch that affects most varieties of deciduous or evergreen trees and shrubs. There are three known causes of leaf scorch; bacterial diseases, traumatic environment, and nutrient deficiency.



Nutrient Defiency leaf scorch tree disease

Nutrient Deficiency

Sometimes the soil that supports your tree does not contain essential nutrients that your tree demands. Symptoms that indicate a nutrient deficiency are leaves that appear to be dying between the veins. You can perform a simple soil test to see what is lacking, and fertilize the tree roots accordingly.


bacterial disease tree leaf scorch

Environmental Trauma

Weather can present problems when there are extreme changes, such as unusually high temperatures and bright sun after a wet cloudy stretch. Long dry spells can also cause stress to a tree. If the leaves are turning crispy around the edges after a noticeably harsh weather condition, try giving your tree frequent drinks of cool water. Be sure that the moisture is getting deep down into the roots.

backeterial leaf scorch tree disease

Bacterial Disease

Occasionally, leaf scorch is caused by a bacterial disease that can result in permanent damage or death to your tree. If the damaged leaves are appearing close to the trunk rather than on the perimeter of the branches, we recommend having an expert come look at the situation. If it is caught early enough, your tree may be able to recover with treatment.

It is our desire that everyone has access to the right information to help them maintain beautiful and healthy trees. For more helpful tips and tree-care advice, contact our friendly and professional team of experts; because no one knows trees like Trees Unlimited!


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