What Causes a Tree to Fall?

Fallen tree on house

If the Wind Blows…. Which Trees Will Fall?

So, you’ve been hearing a lot about the weather lately, particularly the bad weather. News about hurricanes and high winds has you looking around your property and wondering “how many of these trees would stand the test if something like that happened here?” It’s a good question too! Here’s a quick reference to help give you an idea of what to expect from your trees, in the event of heavy rain or high winds.

Staking A Tree

Sometimes it’s fairly obvious when a tree is going to fall, and it’s important to contact a qualified tree care service in those cases, but other times trees just fall. Quite often trees that have been trained to stand perfectly straight are the first trees to fall, and the reason is simple. The majority of these trees were probably staked as saplings and trained to grow that way. While this can be aesthetically pleasing it leaves the trunk of these trees weaker and unable to withstand higher winds (especially as they get taller).

Weak Tree Roots

Tree roots in fallOther times trees that may seem majestic and sturdy, simply don’t have the roots to support such a big tree trunk and branches in times of inclement weather.

Some birch trees suffer from this issue and are infamous for toppling over because of it. Though this may be a natural characteristic to those birches, they’re not the only trees to suffer from weak root zones.

Trees with Soft WoodIn fact, any large tree that hasn’t regularly received the proper amount of water will develop shallow root systems. While these trees may appear to be fine, in some cases they are barely clinging to the ground and can be completely uprooted if struck by bad weather.

Trees With Soft Wood

It may seem obvious, but trees with softer wood are especially susceptible to branches and even entire trunks snapping in high winds. These include many of the ornamental pear trees commonly planted around people’s properties, as well as other large flowering trees like the various mimosa and willow trees commonly found blossoming near homes.

While these trees add beauty and value to your property, it’s important to ensure they are a safe distance away from anything should they come tumbling down.

If you’re in northern New Jersey and concerned about the chance of a falling tree, give Trees Unlimited a call at 973-628-9733 and we’ll send a professional arborist to provide a detailed assessment of what steps you can take to prevent damage to your property.


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