The Benefits of Homeowner’s Insurance for Tree Clean Up

tree fall home accident storm damage

Homeowner’s insurance and trees have roots that run deep. Every year, thousands of homeowners’ file claims due to a fallen tree on their property. Some of these claims are paid, and some are not. It’s important to understand why and the benefit of homeowner’s insurance for tree clean up or damage.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will pay for up to $500 for tree clean up if a tree falls and causes damage to a covered structure. These structures would include your house, your shed, your fence, etc.

However, there are some general rules that you should know.


old rotten tree fallenNegligence and maintenance issues may affect claim coverage.

Let’s say that the tree was severely rotted. A rotted tree is a maintenance issue. For safety, it should be removed before it falls. After the rotted tree falls, there may not be coverage for removal or the damage caused because a rotted tree falling is not a sudden, unexpected event. Everyone knows that a rotted tree is a risk and that it will fall. It’s a maintenance issue in this case.


tree fallen storm

If a healthy tree falls, blown down by a storm, there is less confusion about coverage. In this case, most homeowner’s insurance companies will pay some money toward the removal costs, provided that the tree damaged a covered structure.



tree falls road storm damage

If a tree falls in the yard without damaging a structure, most policies will not provide any coverage for tree clean up.



tree branch damaged storm

As a homeowner, be aware of the proximity of trees to your home. Also, be on the lookout for signs of rotting, hanging limbs, and damage from storms or lightning strikes. If a tree is a risk to your home and safety, have it trimmed or removed. Contact a tree removal expert.


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