The Benefits of Evergreens for a Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful landscape with many varieties of evergreen trees and shrubs

Evergreens can transform a landscape in so many ways. There are plenty of Benefits of Evergreens for your outdoor design. From creating an ecological balance to choosing the best species for ornamental and decorative appeal, here are a few suggestions about to consider when placing an Evergreen in your front yard.

Size Matters

When thinking about Evergreens, often, what first comes to mind are Pine Trees. Pines, which are taller and often pyramidal in structure, can be a nice addition to a large front yard. But pines can also grow to be very tall which could lead to blocking windows, driveways and pathways. If your front yard is lesser in size than your backyard, consider smaller evergreen varieties such as juniper shrubs which won’t overpower the entirety of your landscape. A variation of different sized Evergreen Trees can be a great decorative addition to a front yard landscape giving it a unique look with curb appeal.

Huge Evergreens

Color and Texture Consideration

Like size, color and texture of the various evergreens can create a dramatic and appealing look to any yard. Why stick to one variety when there are so many out there? A diversity of shades and textures can create a picture-perfect setting but beware of going overboard. Choosing an eye-catching centerpiece with one or two other varieties may just do the trick.

Pretty BIG Trees

Choices in Species

Having a variety of species of Evergreen Trees in your yard is a great way to enjoy their unique qualities. While some Evergreens are fragrant and decorative others offer a more utilitarian purpose such as creating windbreaks to help homeowners save on utilities.

Variety of Evergreens

For more information and guidance in choosing the best Evergreens for your front yard, contact us. Our dedication and passion for tree care will provide you with the best in tree planting, care and maintenance.


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