4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Soil in New Jersey

Hands filled with Healthy Rich Soil

Whether you’re tending to a small garden, a huge orchard, or a large tree, proper soil maintenance is important. Northern New Jersey is known for its beautiful plants, and we should strive to keep it that way. Caring for your soil is the best way to ensure that your plants stay healthy and fruitful for many years to come.

Here are some things you can do to improve and keep your soil healthy in New Jersey.

1. Feed with Fertilizer

Feed Soil with FertilizerPlants store their nutrients in the soil, so keeping the soil well-fed will lead to hearty plants. Not only will they bear more fruit, but they will also be more resilient to insects and disease. Your soil should receive plenty of manure and compost to encourage good plant growth.

2. Much Ado About Mulch

Adding Mulch to GardenWhen soil becomes compacted, it can’t hold water or transfer it to growing plants. If you need to build up your soil, there’s nothing better for it than a big heap of mulch. In addition to remedying compacted soil, mulch can retain water, reduce soil temperature and evaporation, and even prevent weeds. In New Jersey’s moderate climate, a light to medium layer of mulch will do the trick.

3. Cut Back on Tillage

Tilling the SoilAs the years go by and you reap many successful harvests, your soil will begin to lose its nutrients. Frequent tillage contributes to this. It reduces crop residue and disrupts the soil’s structure, leading to weak soil. Reducing tillage will greatly increase your soil’s productivity.

4. Use Organic Matter

Adding Food Scraps to Make Compost to Maintain Healthy SoilUsing compost is great but going organic can give your soil an extra boost. It’s low-cost and affords your soil unique nutrients that it won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Consider using compost from natural sources. Home and kitchen waste, worm compost, aged leaf mold, aged wood chips, or dried eggshells work wonders.If you’re a New Jersey gardener interested in more insight in ways to keep your soil and trees thriving, contact us for more information. We’ll show you how growing trees and other plants is a worthwhile hobby for you and our planet.


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